diep flap

DIEP stands for ‘deep inferior epigastric artery perforator’ flap and is our most frequent performed method for own tissue reconstruction. The advantages of the DIEP flap are availability of tissue in the abdominal area, the least weakening of the abdominal wall structures and its reliability. During this procedure the fat and cutaneous tissue of the lower abdomen is utilised to reconstruct the breast.

No muscle or fascia is sacrificed and only the blood vessels nourishing this specific block of tissue are isolated and dissected out. Then the whole segment of tissue is divided from its abdominal blood supply and the blood vessels are sutured under the microscope to vessels of similar calibre in the chest. This is called micro vascular surgical anastomosis. The tissue is reshaped to adjust to the size and shape of the breast.

Finally the abdominal defect is closed in the same way as a tummy tuck. This reconstructive procedure thus includes a cosmetic procedure to get sufficient tissue to reconstruct the resected breast tissue. The scar is located in the fold between lower abdominal area and pubic area and stretches from one hip bone to the other as in conventional tummy tuck procedures.